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No Slowing Down in 2016

April 9th, 2016 No Comments

Mary Rambin 2016


Hello my loooongtime readers,

We’ve been here together on MTM for 7 years now.  Can you believe it?!

I’ve spent most of those years sharing my experiences on a regular basis, so I’m not surprised to get the “Where are you” emails.

This year has been consumed building on the momentum of 2015 in which I opened RYDE4, my cycling studio on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica,

Mary Rambin RYDE4 2015

and acquired some notable clients that increased my reach as a branding and marketing consultant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.42.02 AM


I’m happy and proud to say I’m working my little butt off over here!

Time I’m not working…

Mary Rambin Back Muscles 2015

I workout with my trainer

Martini Mary Place Card

Dine with friends who know me too well

Mary Rambin place setting

Throw my own dinner parties

Mary Rambin Napa 2016

Get out of town

Mary Rambin Golfing 2016

Play and watch golf as much as I can

Mary Rambin and Leven Rambin 2015

Travel home to be with family

Mary Rambin Birthday 2016

Get my groove on

Mary Rambin Legs 2016

And even get some rest!

Mary Rambin Cabo 2015

Life is full and I love every minute of it!

Hopefully, you’ll continue to keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter so when I come back to the blog, we’ll all be in the loop and happy to get MTM rolling again.

In the meantime, you know my years of archives are well-organized in the navigation above and to the left.

Should you have any questions, most of which usually pertain to cosmetics or travel, you can always email me:


Many thanks for your patience and big hugs to you all.




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How to wrap your present perfectly: it’s all about the bow – My How To video with 2.2 MILLION views!

December 14th, 2015 2 Comments

Christmas present wrapping by Mary Rambin Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.07.00 AM


‘Tis the season to wrap my friends, so below are my two How-To videos.  I would make new ones, but since millions of people have found them useful, I’m keeping these guys alive.  I’m so glad to know you find them helpful!

I love getting pics of your pretty packages, so when you’re done send me some.  They always make me smile :)





In order to make this bow, it’s crucial you buy the right ribbon:


I buy C&G ribbon from the Container Store.  The seem to sell it in TONS of colors online now, but the brand isn’t marked.  I would call customer service first just to make sure you’re getting the right one.  Either in the store or online, you’ll notice it’s pricey, but the spool goes a long way.

Another source for ribbon is Costco.  Buy the thicker ribbon with wire in it and you can make the same bows.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me: mary@morethanmary.com.  I’d also LOVE to see how it goes for you.  Send me pics of your pretty packages!


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Your Holiday Hair – let’s change it up.

December 3rd, 2015 No Comments

Braided hair

I think we can all agree we’ve been blown out enough.  I’m not sure if this is your problem too, but my beachy curls fall way too fast.  On the other hand, a funky and fun braid won’t move all night long!

The other night I went to a party at BRAMBILA salon in Santa Monica.  Mary, the owner, is very popular amongst the westside crowd.  During the event, she had someone give a braiding lesson so that I might be able to braid my own barely-there hair at home.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.26.35 AM

I’m sitting there watching with my jaw on the floor.  I would be lucky if I could do that to someone else.  When I found out BRAMBILA charges the industry standard $20-$50 to do it for me, I was relieved.  Sign me up and charge my card, no way I’m doing that to myself!

Here are some styles I found to inspire your stylist!





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The necklace you all loved on Facebook, buy it now with my discount code!

November 23rd, 2015 No Comments

Mary Rambin Nameplate Necklace 2015


Last week I posted this pic on Facebook to share my post about a new 3D mascara and all of your comments were questions about my necklace!

The beautiful and delicate nameplate necklace is a design by Ana Corporan of Brevity Jewelry.  Leven gave one them to all of her bridesmaids before her wedding.

Brevity Jewelry Custom Signature Nameplate Gift

My super-trendy hipster sister wears hers everywhere so we had all been fans of it for a while.

With a quick visit to Ana’s website, I found out you choose from one of their fonts or customize the signature with your own writing!  You can also write a message instead of a name.  Pricing starts at $195 depending on what kind of metal you want (stainless steel, silver, gold, etc).  Click here to explore your options.

It’s the PERFECT gift for someone special – your friend or spouse you’ve already bought everything else.

Brevity Jewelry Custom Nameplate



From now until Nov 30,

get 15% off your purchase using discount code:


If you want it for Christmas, you need to order by December 8.


Stay tuned, Holiday Gift Guide where everything is under $150 on the way!

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JetBlue Launches “Mint” Class for the Upgraded Economy Traveler

November 20th, 2015 No Comments

JetBlue just officially launched “MintClass” on long haul flights: most notably LA – NYC, SF – NYC, SF- Boston, and NYC – Barbados.

My go-to Conde Nast Traveler expert @GaryLeff says:

Jet Blue Mint Class Gary Leff quote

Affordable amenities are the story and success of the Jet Blue brand altogether, and now they’ve done it again.  For those of us who fly Economy Comfort because we can’t afford First Class coast to coast, we are very excited to get more bang for our buck!

Starting at $599 (just a little bit more than upgraded economy), you can fly 4 hours like you be buckled in for 20. Stretch out flat, watch DirectTV on a big flat screen, eat 3 meals catered by one of my favorite NYC staples Saxon + Parole, all the while covered in a big blankie. The Conde Nast Traveler writer LOVED her flight to Barbados, saying what could be a haul was a vacation in itself.


If you’ve been with me for a while, you know my bar for “luxury” and “first class” is pretty high. I won’t have my readers paying for an experience that is sub par or “economy plus” when the label claims luxurious. (Case in point this review of the Intercontinental Presidential in Cozumel).

This is where marketing comes in. Jet Blue isn’t calling their new experience”first class,” the branded term they use is “Mint Class.” Absolutely brilliant. The first class traveler would likely be disappointed by JetBlue Mint Class, but the Economy Plus traveler who pays for the upgraded seat and still sits in coach will be ELATED.

The key to getting the the affordable/same-as-economy-plus fare is the time you book your flight. Plan ahead and you’ll pay the base rate.

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The “LOW” Leather Leggings That Keep Up With “HIGH” Fashion

November 17th, 2015 No Comments
Club Monaco Leather Leggings
For years now leather leggings have been a winter essential.  Why have they not made their way into my closet:  they’re so damn expensive! For the $1k price tag I want something that fits like a Saint Laurent stiletto: comfortable, snug, and sexy. This year I resolved to hunt down a pair and hand over my card happily.  After weeks of shopping, I had tried the standard J Brand, Rag & Bone, Vince, Helmut Lang, and a handful of boutique designers.  None of their cuts fit my chicken legs and tiny ass.  Even my Intermix stylist was shocked.
It wasn’t until I was browsing for work clothes in Club Monaco (my vote for conservative chic corporate attire) that I stumbled upon this front panel leather and spandex combo.  When I first saw them I thought to myself, “Those are cheap….and totally cheating.  I want the real deal.”  Then I saw the price tag…. “Well, for $99 on sale, it wouldn’t hurt to try them on.”
 Club Monoco Leather Leggings 2015  Mary Rambin

I actually love the way the panel cuts in and gives my legs more definition.  The spandex is just what I needed to hug my barely-there bum!

For 1/10th of the price I now have an edgy, sophisticated pair of “leather” leggings I love MORE than anything I tried from the contemporary powerhouse brands.  People stop me and ask if they’re IRO or Rag, when I tell them faux by Club Monoco, fashionista jaws drop.

High Low Leather Head to Toe:


@Georgiegirlnyc tweet @ClubMonaco


Club Monaco Accessories Winter 2015

Other things I loved pictured with Mason:

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A Resolution to Save Your Body Over The Holiday Party Season

November 16th, 2015 No Comments

Leonardo DiCaprio Party

Ok, it’s that’s busy time of year again.  The parties are picking up and your workouts will drop off.  So instead of waiting until January to recover from the festivities, resolve to stay on top of AT LEAST your workout now so it’s less of an uphill battle later.
Other benefits:
  • Revving up your metabolism to deal with the extra calories
  • Looking hot wearing your cocktail dress
  • Looking  hotter not wearing your cocktail dress


Morning people you’re all set on this one, just stick to your routine.  As for you nighttime exercisers, you’ll need to switch it up.  If you workout in the morning, you can get out to the party at night.  Let’s be honest, no one wants to go from work, to the gym, to a party.  Not to mention the unimaginable: work to party to gym!


If you’re going to cut back, take out the workouts you do out of obligation, not enjoyment.  The workout that gets you amped will motivate you through the energy slump to make it to the gym.


Whether it’s ClassPass, a private studio, or a trainer, if you’re throwing down extra cash, you’ll get your money’s worth in two ways.  You stick to your commitment to exercise and you complete a solid workout.


If you eat more during the day, you’ll have energy after your workout and you’ll eat less at night.  Don’t judge the food for nutritional value, just eat it before 3pm.


If you’re tired and hungover and your workout isn’t at the level of intensity that you always hit, don’t be critical, feel satisfied that you actually completed an hour of exercise.
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Set the table for a special experience, not just a meal this holiday.

November 11th, 2015 No Comments


Whether or not I’m hosting a party at a house, venue, or a restaurant, I always set the table with my decor and fresh flowers.  It’s one of my creative outlets and a way to show my guests I’m honored they’re spending their time with me.

The biggest reward is not the formality, but the way people light up as they approach the table to see you have gone all out on their behalf.  The table, like the meal, is an experience that is notable, respectable, and memorable.

The key elements to setting a beautiful table:

If you can get those three things, you’ve gone above. To go beyond include what I call accessories: candles, place cards, snacks, distinctive glasses and/or stemware, chargers, gifts, etc.

Here I have examples of my last two events: Leven’s bridal shower brunch at 41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica and a corporate breakfast at The Cavalier in San Francisco.  For both I used the restaurant’s plates, napkins, and silverware; everything else I brought in.


Leven’s theme was young, bohemian bride.  As her big day was approaching, she was growing more feminine in her style so I used pink, pastels, and baby’s breath to create a soft and “precious” table.  The center was kept clear so they could place down food for family style service.

As for the boho flair, I went with deconstructed flower arrangements and mismatched place settings.  All of the girls brought recipes for Leven to make a healthy cookbook, so I used a colorful dishtowels to add depth to the table.  These were also her party favors for the girls to take home.




In San Francisco, we took over the private dining space at The Cavalier to host a breakfast for 30.  The theme of the restaurant was 1800’s English Equestrian and the company’s colors are black and red so I tied the two together in the setting.

Because the hosts were men and the food was served family style, I kept the flowers sparse and simple.

 One last note about the flowers.  To make a lot of arrangements on a budget, find a mart that sells them at a discount.  If you’re shopping at the grocery store you’re going to end up spending a fortune!  If you’re not one to put together an arrangement on your own, either stick to something simple and modern (a couple lilies or roses cut short in a small vase) or hire someone off of craigslist to help you.

For more posts and photos of my tables, click here.  This our family  Thanksgiving last year!

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