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BLT Market in the Ritz NYC

January 12th, 2008 No Comments

Last night we ate dinner at BLT Market in the Ritz.  Great atmosphere, amazing food, delicious wine , awful deserts (thank goodness).  A new restaurant in the Ritz NYC you definitely should try. 

I wish I could have taken a picture of the “couple” sitting next to me.  The girl was about 20 lbs overweight smacking on french fries (that was after two salads) sitting next to her “beau” wearing ripped true religions and a cowboy pearl button down shirt while talking on TWO phones.  Their cocktail of choice: espresso martinis with steak and salad.  Where do I begin?? Honey, close your mouth, focus on the salad.  Opt for a vodka instead of a 500 calorie martini, and stop saying “Oh my god” while adjusting your boobs.  And as for you sir, let’s put the phones down at the dinner table, after all, it is her birthday.  I hope she can offer some help with your wardrobe, otherwise you’re going to have to move back to LA circa 2002. Otherwise just go to Barney’s or even Club Monaco and let the sales people give you a makeover.  Do yourselves a favor and let the waiter order your meal and appropriate wine to pair with it, at least let your food have style.

Is that mean??? No! I had to watch the whole thing while trying to enjoy the most unbelievable cod (with a pouilly fume to die for).  You’ll find out, I’m brutally honest, and I am with myself too.

Now, as for the picture above, the waitress had made a joke about me needing an eye guard as Jordan cracked his crab (that sounds funny!).  Apparently they have this box of glasses when mom and dad forget theirs at home so they can read the menu.  Talk about service!  

Bon Appetit