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Meet Julia Allison

January 12th, 2008 No Comments

Meet Julia Allison, dating columnist extraordinaire, and talking head (I mean Editor at Large) for Star Magazine, and fabulous friend.  She is the one who got me into blogging.  Her blog makes me laugh everyday.  Brutally honest about her life, Julia provides a refreshing perspective on men and how they effect women (and our many emotions).  Wait…refreshing?? No, that’s not the word.  It’s almost a little sad how uninformed and immature men are sometimes, and Julia exposes them for their weaknesses.  Although the other day she told me I was wrong for getting mad at Jordan for something.  So again, just brutal honesty, but really funny.

Above is Julia on New Year’s Eve; we celebrated at Soho house.  Here’s what she had to say about her outfit: “I know, isn’t it so cute, I couldn’t wear the other dress because you would have said I looked like a slut, but I put this one on for you. Do you really like it?”  My response: “Yes. It makes your boobs look huge!”

Check her out at www.JuliaAllison.tumblr.com

She will be photographed for Time Out (in which she writes the dating column, always a good chuckle there).  I’m styling the shoot and using personal favorites Marc Bouwer, Keith Lissner, and third pic is tbd.  Pics to follow soon!