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Meet Meghan

January 14th, 2008 No Comments

Meet my friend Meghan.

She is the quintessential example of style because she follows trends and makes them her own (which usally involves hiding her fab bod in something boxy, but her legs always make the outfit).  Also, the girl is au natural.  I promise you, she’s not wearing a stitch of make up except red lipstick.  (I on the other hand, have the whole kit and kaboodle packed on my mug.) Her mom (love you snowflake) is the all-american blonde and her popper is Indian, what a combo!

Not to mention, she’s smart as a whip (one of my mom’s favorite sayings) and knows about the market and electronics.  She’s currently job hunting, so if you want the best, here she is.

In this pic, we were celebrating her closing on her soho studio. Congrats!