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The Truth About Small Dogs

January 15th, 2008 No Comments

People give small dog owners are hard time for two very ignorant reasons:

1.  Small dogs are yappy and not as cool as big dogs.

2.  The only reason you have it is due to the Paris Hilton fad.

Both happen to be wrong!  (well, mostly).  Small dogs can be yappy, but most aren’t.  And they are actually practical in a city that doesn’t have lawns (or even grass for that matter) for dogs to play in.  Plus, they are so sweet and fun to cuddle with.

Secondly, screw Paris Hilton.  That’s probably why the 13 year old girl got the small dog, but as for the rest of the population, leave them alone, they are actually enamored with their small friend.

So trendy or not, small dogs will always be “in” in my book.

I spent a week dogsitting Julia’s baby Lilly Monster (I say that with so much love), and now I miss her terribly.  No one to greet me when I come home; although I took her 14 lb of fur everywhere with me.  And no snuggle bunny at night….definitely considering getting my own!