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Response to Julia and her “Style”

January 16th, 2008 No Comments

Now, for those of you who have not kept up to speed with my blog, I will restate my main tenet….MAKE TRENDS YOUR OWN!

Obviously my dear friend Julia Allison has misinterpreted my styling choices for her shoot.  As “Julia” as it should be, I feel she is missing the point of magazine shoots, which is to make the model an idol, someone we aspire to be.  This is the whole point of having an art director as opposed to having the model choose their own look.

Now, of course most girls see Marilyn Monroe as the quintessential example of glamour.  There are several reasons I think we should reconsider:

  1. How cliche is this! Can we not find glamour in something else than what we have been socialized to idolize??
  2. Her life couldn’t have been truly that glamorous if she chose to end it herself.
  3. This whole concept seems a little shallow as she had no depth and “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is too.

On the other hand, classic never goes out of style, it is always accepted, always appropriate, and usually never questioned.  But then again, if it isn’t classic to an extreme (make-up, hair, jewelry all coordinated) it doesn’t really make a statement, and it will never be applauded.

Julia is in a position to make a statement about herself and I feel it is my job, as she assigned me the position as stylist, to help her explore her personal style, use the “classic” theme as a foundation, and attempt to make a statement.  She does it with her mouth, let’s have her do it with her clothes.

She mimics my style in life, which I find to be a huge compliment. So now that she has, I can’t get her away from the outfit I wore this summer.  The high-waisted skirt is very flattering on her tiny waist, and is definitely still a trend, but maybe if we pair it with somthing other than cardigans and pearls we can find a new look that is cutting edge and Julia.

All thoughts are welcome.