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My Head to Toe: Finally Ready to Go

January 17th, 2008 No Comments

2:21 exactly and I’m finally dressed to leave the house!!! Where did the time go??!!! No, I have not been on my ass eating Barbara’s wheat-free oatmeal animal cracker cookies all morning (they might have made an appearance at one point).  Emails, phone calls, scheduling, making lunch for my sick roommate, I’ve been busy.  Out to go pull final items for Julia’s shoot, which she was going to join me for, but CNN called last minute, ah the life of a celebrity.

Outfit commentary: yes,I’m loving the legging boot combo (remember long legs, no boobs, shake the “money maker” right?) and the Chanel attitude lipstick with Revlon gloss.  Noticing my ring by Pitango, can’t believe I’ve had a blog for over a week and not mentioned him.  More to come on the best rings ever!