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"Money Maker"

January 18th, 2008 No Comments

Let me clarify…In my earlier entry, I said you have to show off your Money Maker, meaning your best asset(s), not, I repeat NOT, your yaya (that’s what I call it, everyone laughs at first, but you’ll soon adopt it too).  Of course personality, intelligence, and wit (my fav) is first and foremost, but presentation counts, so show off your best traits.  Mine, I believe, is my legs. After all the spinning and yoga, damn well should be. So my leggings accent my money maker/legs. I don’t think it’s front page news that this is what clothes should do.  And if your yaya is truly that fabulous, run around in crotchless panties. (mine is, and I’m sure yours is too, but I like to save the best for last!)