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Behind the Seams: Leggings

January 18th, 2008 No Comments

I was thrilled to receive all of your inquiries today…For all of you Julia readers, I will not let you down, thanks for checking out my blog.


1 piece of cotton spandex blend fabric + 1 piece of cotton spandex blend fabric sewn together = something really cheap to make

1 pair of leggings + 1 label = $ – $$$$$

Every boutique that has leggings with private labels gets them from the same cheap wholesaler and then determine their own price.  Brands like Hardtail make their own and of course have better quality, but not enough to justify the price tag.  American Apparel has a pretty good design, very high wasted, but a good quality.

To be honest, it’s always a hit or miss. Sometimes you get lucky at a boutique that found a quality pair for cheap and the discount is passed down to you. Sometimes, they screw you.  Just don’t let yourself get screwed. Shop around.  Or buy a lot of cheap ones. Charlotte Russe makes these really cheap camisoles that I wear daily, but I have TONS because they only last a few months (more to come on this).

For a sure thing, I have to go back to National Jean Company, they had 8 different kinds in all different lengths. Scroll down for their contact info.  But for those of you who don’t live in NYC, I suggest a department store, or a cheapy store like Image, you would be shocked, but I promise you, they all come from the same place.  OOO, Target, I have a pair I love from Target!

I realize this probably isn’t a lot of help, but I don’t buy “label” leggings and neither should you.


And as for the tights I wear underneath, I actually bought them at Marshall’s I think (bought all three pairs I own a while ago and living in LA never needed them…have I mentioned I miss LA) I would go to Gap, for basics, they really do a good job at a reasonable price.  Wolford or Fogal is just too much, unless you are getting a knit or a houndstooth, don’t waste the cash on the label here.

Heft, my roommate, proclaims Leggs as a favorite and Berkshire as a piece of shit. Leggs…doesn’t surprise me, I love my Hanes wifebeaters.

ROCK THE LEGGING-BOOT COMBO! Everyone looks good in it. Just make sure to cover your yaya. Shirts can and fitted, but not so much that you can see the lines of the leggings.  Tops (shirts, sweaters, button-downs) should always, I mean always, cover your yaya.  Stretch the thing out if need be.  Think of your top as a mini dress and you don’t want to pull a Paris, so you’re wearing leggings.  And as for the boots, as you can see, I’ve been loving the tall boots, but the ankle bootie looks hot too.  Just bought a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti black patent booties that will look fab (I am a huge label shoe whore, can’t stand the knock offs.  If you can’t afford the real thing, find a smaller designer who makes something unique and orinigal…that’s actually really tough these days)

I think that answers your questions.  It’s a toughie, just don’t break the bank, cover your yaya, shake that money maker (you know what I mean) and smile!