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Head to Toe: A Day at Work

January 19th, 2008 No Comments

Today I’m styling a Comcast commercial…not quite the same as yesterday. As you can see I’m working pretty hard. Thank goodness, I’m exhausted! Yesterday’s Julia shoot (I really don’t think you could cal it a Time Out shoot, they just happen to be using the pictures) really wore me out!  Straight to bed last night, but I was not happy when my alarm rang at 5:30.  Have you ever noticed how your usual weekday wake-up call seems so much earlier on a Saturday?!!!

I keep forgetting that my blog is a fashion blog, so I should make my entries about fashion instead of the random stuff that happens in my life.  Sooooo….

Sweater is the most yummy Ralph Lauren cashmere zip up with large collar, Dolce and Gabbana knit scoop-neck shirt, and my famous Charlotte Russe undershirt.  What you can’t see: James straight leg jeans (commando style, I desperately need to do laundry) and rabbit fur boots. My token jewelry (yellow gold diamond solitaire necklace and white gold and diamond X earrings, Tiffany watch, and 2 David Yurman bracelets….I’m really into the two tone, it’s trendy and I don’t have to make a decision which way I want to go) PLUS a lapis heart and diamond pendant necklace (bought by my mother in the 80’s, stolen by me last year)

Hope your Saturday is more eventful….or relaxing, that would even be better.  Go see Juno for me, I’m dying to see it.