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Behind the Seams: Undershirts

January 19th, 2008 No Comments

I love them.

I’m fortunate that I don’t have to wear a bra everyday (I’m a very perky 34B) so I usually wear an undershirt, actually, bra or no bra I like to wear one.  Mostly because t-shirts these days are paper thin and you can see right through them.  But then I realized that they just feel good, make your clothes lay better against your body, and look good coming out of the bottom of tops that are too short.  Remember I told you that you should cover your yaya with your top when wearing leggings; well, if you are wearing a long undershirt, then it can work as an extension to your top.

I prefer the longer ones (but I buy both long and short), because they work as an undershirt, a top extension or a slip underneath a knit Missoni dress.

My favorite brand: Charlotte Russe.  Please note, that I run into the store, grab my tanks, hit the register and leave without touching anything else, I am anti the whole experience.  But the undershirts, which I only buy in white and black, are SO CHEAP, like $10 each.  You wear them for a few months and then it’s time for a new ones, but who cares, they are so cheap.

Visit www.charlotterusse.com and type in Basic Seamless Vneck

Try one out, let me know what you think.  You could hate it, but for 5 dolla it’s wort the risk.