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A comment on Originality

January 20th, 2008 No Comments

Very important: Make Fashion/Trend/Style your own.

Even if you designer shop, label shop, mainstream shop, color shop, trend shop, thrift shop, bargain shop, buy-what-you-saw-that-celeb-wearing shop, you can still add your own style.  We don’t want to be cookie cutter people -go out in Los Angeles and you will see how ridiculous it looks. 

In other words, it’s ok to shop at Banana Republic, Club Monaco, or Gap, let’s just not buy the entire wardrobe there. Adventure to the thrift shop and find something special (I have a rabbit fur shawl that I paid $12 for that people fawn over), sift through the racks at Marshall’s or TJ Maxand rejoice while looking at the price tags. Loehmann’s is fantastic too!  Go all out and buy a designer piece that you can mix and match within your wardrobe.

Designer resale stores are one of my favorite places: pretty pieces at pretty prices!  My mom owns one in Houston, and I get tons of stuff from there.  Remember my yummy Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater, the price tag that was still on it said $600, my mom’s tag said $250. (I actually need to pack stuff up to have it resold there)

Encore!6415 San Felipe @ Winrock 713-334-9327 Tues-Sat (she only takes designer pieces in impeccable condition from current collections and the past 4 seasons). 

Mix and match your bargains with your “had to have and still paying off”  pieces.  Change up your accessories and you’ll have a whole new outfit, even if the clothes are still the same. 

A favorite example of thinking outside of the box: Meghan loves to wear skirts as a top or dress (not that everyone can pull it off, but you see where I’m going with this).

Follow trends but add you into the equation. Don’t strive to look like someone else, appreciate their style and strive for your own that makes YOU feel good, and that will then be appreciated by others.