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January 22nd, 2008 No Comments

I got an email yesterday asking me where she could find good suits, but not just any suit, one to fit her petite 5’2” frame.  She struggles to find anything on the rack to fit her (I know what you’re thinking, but everyone has their own plight in life).  Usually she buys casual clothes from kid’s stores, but alas, children don’t need suits.  So we decided her best option was to find a good, inexpensive tailor.  BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO IS GOOD AND WHO IS GOING TO HACK YOUR CLOTHES???!

Therefore, I think it’s best that we offer each other referrals to take out the guess work and anxiety.  Email me the contact information for your tailor that does good work and doesn’t break the bank.  I’ll post what I receive and we can all rejoice and live happily and comfortably dressed ever after.