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Wearing Your Own Collection

January 22nd, 2008 No Comments

This is another note on originality.  A reader wrote me and offered this comment and of course I had a response :)

“U commented on not wearing complete outfits by same designer but to mix and match … interesting cos, I tend to do that,  primarily because I think like a “designer”. In FIT,our assignments were to design collections to create identity…When I shop for my wardrobe I think collection rather than different pieces.” —Sandy

My response:

As a designer that is your job, to present a complete vision. But normal people have their own vision and for day to day wear, that involves mixing and matching to make it their own. Furthermore, it would be boring not only to wear one style, but then for it to be someone else’s. And finally, for what most people can afford to wear everyday is not by a big designer. Imagine walking around in Club Monaco all day, everyday.  But mostly, one designer, one vision is BORING.