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Chivalry is NOT dead!!!

January 22nd, 2008 No Comments

After I posted the picture of the people of the subway (not bus, 6 Train to be exact), reader Richard wrote this to me:

With that as background, let me broach this topic: from the angle of your photo on the bus, you are obviously standing up. The lady in front of you is standing up.There are men sitting down. Is my sense of propriety and courtesy simply outmoded or, perhaps worse, simply dismissive of modern feminine empowerment….or does this seem wrong to you too?

This is why I love Texas men! He is from Texas, I am from Texas and I had the same thought, but I’ve gotten used to it now.  I actually dated a guy who I had to suggest that when he saw me struggling with my coat, if he could please help me put it on.  It makes me a little upset at this whole feminine power movement.  I am all for women being in power, independent, and strong enough to do everything for themselves; HOWEVER this does not mean that common courtesy and general chivalry should be thrown out the window.

Guys, get a clue.  Wear clothes that fit, brush your hair, or for you metros, restrain yourself with the product, and treat your lady like a LADY.  I promise you, those little gestures will go a long way and you will see results immediately!