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YIKES! Be kind people

January 23rd, 2008 No Comments

Ok, so, as you have all just found me, you know that I am new to blogging.  And I am so happy that I can provide you with something that effects you (well, sometimes anyway).

I now see how the whole “reblog” system works, and I promise to keep up more. But no need to slam me into the wall on your blogs for being new and naive.

For future reference, I just prefer an email if you want me to read your commentary. And if you totally disagree with what I am saying, have at it.  But don’t cower and not provide your email on your blog. I take my fashion very seriously (insert smirk and sarcasm here)

Finally, I will visit each of your blogs and see exactly where you referred us to for tailors. We appreciate your time and effort. Sincerely Mary Rambin