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Hate to Burst the CC Skye Bubble

January 23rd, 2008 No Comments

Sarah, (changing my answer), I have no idea why you can’t see who has rebloged you on your dashboard.

I have to burst your bubble about CC Skye(I think it’s the nice thing to do, like telling people you don’t know they have broccoli in their teeth, it’s a little uncomfortable, but in the end, they are better off) First and foremost, these bracelets are out.  The Chanel chain look left with the sun at the end of summer.  Secondly, these bracelets are made at the same place I had the chains for my bags made.  Great quality work, but if you knew how much it cost to make one, and the mark up the brand is charging, you would not be dying for one. As far as a trendy substitute goes, Mary Kate is wearing the David Yurman red bead necklace as a bracelet.(Please tell me you’re dying in laughter and see the joke here)