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EO Hand Sanitizer

January 23rd, 2008 No Comments

I came home today and reallized I had locked myself out. Thank goodness for my sweet doorman Archer who has several keys.And I awake from my nap to find that I am not the only forgettful gal out there today, Molly writes: (right now, think about the nasty smell coming from the gas station trash can, and be thankful you only have that sour face, and aren’t elbows deep in that smell!)

And here’s the tale of someone who needs to buy a C.L.I.C.K. bag ASAP: I was running errands this morning, and while I was pumping gas, I cleaned out some garbage from my car….Because I was carrying my gigantic black-hole-of-a-purse, I didn’t realize [anything was missing] until I got home, searched frantically all over my car, & eventually realized I must have pitched [my house keys!].  I had to go back to the gas station & dig through the disgusting gas station trash.  They were at the very bottom, under a McDonald’s bag, and all greasy.  So. Gross.

Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.  BTW, my favorite sanitizer is from Whole Foods by the brand EO, in a blue bottle, it’s lavender sent (but only for a second) and the essential oil moisturizes your hands unlike Purell. No Whole Foods, no worries:


And Molls, you should have your car keys and house keys on the same pretty pink keychain (now ruined).