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Botox Fun

January 24th, 2008 No Comments


So a couple of years ago, I got it in my head that botox was going to fix my wrinkles on my forehead (I’m VERY expressive).  And I’m scared to death of needles so Leven was trying to keep me distracted while we were waiting in the office.

I ended up almost fainting half way through, Leven had to run out in the snow to get me a Sprite for my blood sugar while the nurse was opening the windows to let the freezing cold air in as the doctor was trying to hold me upright. I finished the treatment, but you know I didn’t go back. That’s $900 down the tube.

Quite the site, but I laugh everytime I see this picture.

Oh and don’t be fooled by Stri-Vectin, that stuff is a crock too!