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You Won’t Believe It

January 24th, 2008 No Comments


My birthday is February 16.  This picture was taken on my 24th birthday in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel hot tub.

Stop thinking about the fact that I’m with 3 hot guys for a second, and focus on the fact that I’m in a bathing suit and not freezing.  Now do you understand why I miss LA! Not to mention that this picture was taken at 1pm on Wednesday, we had just finished an amazing spin class, had a three course brunch, and were finishing the day poolside. Rough life, huh.

And the three guys are my very good friends, I have never kissed any of them.  Andy (who I call Pink) is gay, and the other two (and Pink) are my dearest friends.  I love having friends that you can trust completely and be yourself around.  They’ve seen me butt naked and heard me belch like a sailor…..maybe that’s why they’ve never come on to me…hmmmm

Now, think of how many layers of clothing you will be piling on top of each other on February 16th….yep, we should all move to LA, exactly what I was thinking!