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Note to My Stylish, and Very Funny Ex

January 24th, 2008 No Comments

I find it humorous that the reason you contacted me after these few weeks was due to the fact you “heard” something bad was written about you on my blog (because you hadn’t read it yourself).  When in fact, all of my commentary is about how I still “adore you as a person” (see tonight’s earlier entry), and state that you are “impeccably dressed.” Both of which are true. I don’t think I’ve made a comment about your personality, so in this respect, I have been shallow.  Because as nice as it is that you can put together a perfect ensemble, I enjoyed our conversations more.  Cliche I know, but after all, that is why I dated you. The pocket square was just a bonus!

Now that I have your attention.  A note to my readers.  Exes are fantastic.  First of all, you enjoy the majority of the relationship while it’s good, and when it ends, it might sting, but you’ve learned something about yourself.

It is unfortunate that things didn’t work out.  And I look back now and I have learned a few things about myself.  Mostly that I have more to learn and am maturing more everyday. I know he feels the same way. And I’m glad that we will be friends.  

Maturity is one of the most stylish things you can wear.  And you do wear it. Your clothes tell a lot about you as person. We have many different outfits in our wardrobe: suits for work, jeans for weekends, shoes for (well, they speak volumes). You know what I’m saying.  But it’s those choices and how you put them together that make the man/woman.  It’s in those clothes that you exude your maturity and the confidence you have in yourself. PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING!  Not that this has anything to do with my relationship, but I’ve been wanting to talk about presentation.  If you are pitching an idea, you dress it up with a power point, flashy images, etc. In life, even walking down the street, we are pitching ourselves.  So make yourself the flashy image and sell baby. You might not have a career in sales, but you have a life in sales (most of the time unfortunately because good stuff gets passed over sometimes for poor presentation).

So it my hope that I can help you present, exude, and sell :)

And I’m not perfect, but I think you might agree with what I’m saying here

And as for you my ex, night night