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DK, You Didn’t!

January 24th, 2008 No Comments


As you may know, there are currently two bills pending before Congress (HR 2033 and S 1957—collectively called the Design Piracy Prohibition Act), which provide three-years of copyright protection for fashion designs (apparel, handbags, shoes, etc.).  Put simply, the Act, if passed, would allow fashion designers to sue the makers and sellers of knock-offs.  As of right now designers have no avenue for seeking remedies under copyright law. — Reader Keely

After three years of business, I have had Aldo, Forever 21, Matel, and even smaller designers knock me off.  And now, to top it off, Donna Karen has decided to join the club.  COME ON! Knock of the Louis Vuittons who are making millions, and whose customer wouldn’t buy a knock off as opposed to the real thing, don’t steal from the little guy!

In all honesty, the CLICK design has been done before, but I reconstructed it and came up with the ”CLICK” marketing concept (in the shower actually) which is what really sold the bag.  CLICK stand for Cell phone, Lip gloss, Id, Cash, and Keys, your essentials that you need out at night.  Fashion made functional, it sells because people relate to it.  Furthermore, when I decided to reinvent this design, no one had really ever seen it. I brought it to the public eye.
That being said, I think it’s pathetic that she  obviously stole my shape to incorporate into her collection.  And it doesn’t even go with the others! Shame on you Donna Karen.  You have the capital to buy out my company a million times over and use the design to your heart’s content, but you decided to take the other road.  And at this point, there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it.  Not a way to treat a designer or a woman.