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Flat Hair Beware

January 24th, 2008 No Comments


Let me be completely honest, I am not a hair expert.  Fashion, I got an answer, or should I say a suggestion/opinion, for all of your questions.  Make-up, fire away. But as for hair…mine is just as flat as yours!

I’ve tried conditioners, mousses, round brushes, flat brushes, teasing (yep, I’m from Texas and we like our hair BIG!), but nothing has done the trick like the CHI ROCKET PROFESSIONAL HAIR DRYER.

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t tried it for myself.  Heft has the most amazing hair and I wanted to know her secret, she shared, and now, so am I.  At a whopping $300, this thing will lift your roots as high as the heavens.  As long as you’ve got a good round brush and this baby, you’re all set.  And you don’t even need patience, it dries your hair in a flash.

Yep I said Three-hundy, but I looked online and here’s your discount. At $135 how can you say no!


(between you and me, sometimes I still reach for my ratter comb to lift the roots a little higher or to get my hair away from head for updo’s….$1 at the drug store, hold pieces of your hair up and pump comb up and down against your hair at the root, spray a little hairspray, let fall, repeat with other pieces.  Smooth over with big brush, good luck, if you’re not from the south, this isn’t in your nature, but really works!)

If all else fails, ponytails are easy and flirty, and make any outfit fun.