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January 24th, 2008 No Comments

After reading your thoughts on trends and making style your own, I have another question. Okay, here’s the thing…and I bet this is true for many of your readers. I live in a small town. As far as fashion goes, mall brands are the norm. I like to think that I’m a little more fashion forward but really, why bother? While there are some women in our town who dress a little trendier, most of us walk around in our GAP jeans, puffy fitted vests or pea coats, standard diamond jewelry, Coach, LV, or Burberry bags, Uggs (you get the picture). Its not like I’m not interested in fashion, I’ve subscribed to Vogue and W since I was a teenager and I read fashion blogs because it all interests me but its still so hard to invest in better quality labels or trends when frankly, no one cares.  — Reader Jill

Jill, many people have this same issue.  Here’s my quick tips on how to wear Gap but make it your own:

  1. Go for the colors instead of the black and white.
  2. Shop online.  You’re reading my blog so you know how to use the computer, take an hour and search around.  Here are some sites to try: www.couturecandy.com, www.karenzambos.com, www.bluefly.com, www.madisonlosangeles.com
  3. Hit up Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Loehmann’s.  No one really wants to shout from the rooftop that they shop there, but you can find some really fun stuff if you want to sift through.  I also love Target, and they have so many designers making lines for them now.
  4. Jewelry and shoes make the outfit.  If you’re in a white t and jeans but have on killer shoes, you have an outfit.  Again, easy on the knockoffs and fake jewelry. But use your accessories to accent your clothes.
  5. Stay away from Coach.  It’s so overdone, and cliche. It’s well made, but all of those C’s make me nauseous.
  6. Try something new.  Push your boundary a little and let the sales person help you (don’t believe everything they say), just try it.
  7. The only thing that I believe everyone should have that almost everyone has is Uggs.  Life wouldn’t be the same without them.  However, if you see everyone wearing the same thing, DON’T BUY IT.  Take the concept and find something like it that’s original.  And you can even do this in a small town.
  8. And if the budget affords, take a shopping trip!
  9. And, and, and! Red lipstick always dresses up a night outfit.

 I hope this helps.  I’m sure I left something out…… Don’t settle for sweats, at least put on jeans and some fun jewelry.  You’ll feel better the rest of the day.