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Julia Julia Julia

January 26th, 2008 No Comments

I feel it necessary to reblog this because it all is just nonsense.  My blog is about style, and your blog is in poor taste (you know who you are).

First of all, if you can’t stand Julia, then don’t waste your breath on her.

Next, see that she addresses issues that are shallow that most of us wouldn’t admit to having but think about constantly (which takes courage), then appreciate her witty banter on the topics, you are in fact reading her blog.

She’s not only insightful, but also entertaining. And to go back to point one, if you think she’s full of shit, then stop reading, but you’ll have to admit it’s entertaining….thousands of people think so. Entertaining to the point that it’s fun to have a whole Julia repertoire….and it was created by YOU. YOU are spreading the JA gospel, and you can’t stand her.  Any press is good press, right?

I hope in the near future you find something better to do with your time.  Your writing is not as funny as Julia’s and it makes you look more pathetic than you make her out to be.

And yes, Julia is a friend of mine.  I am a loyal friend.  What I admire most about Julia is that she needs no one in her corner to stand up for her; the girl has proven she can do it on her own.  (I don’t think I could withstand what she has in the past year.) So, despite she is a friend, this is how I feel about the situation. She is not always the most graceful or the most stylish, but the woman is confident in what she thinks and isn’t scared to share it.  That’s more than admirable. 

Like her or don’t, we don’t care, she’s going to do her thing, you do yours, I’ll do mine, and we’ll all be on our merry way.

Night night 

Starting with Julia’s blog down to the comments:

Are women even allowed to admit they enjoy looking attractive?

Tell me when the last time was that you heard a woman say – openly, without shame – that she enjoyed being attractive? 

I said as much to my mom last night and she said I was shallow, which of course infuriated me.

This seems obvious, but I’ll just state it again, for clarity: men don’t have to choose between enjoying their looks and being “deep.”

Does that seem fair to you? 


Quick question:

Whose validation are you seeking?  When you write these stupid posts?  When you wear your stupid costumes?

And I bet a million dollars that Jake from Jake & Amir is one of your three crushes.


I can’t believe that someone made a Tumblr just to mock Julia.  What a waste of time.  It just makes them look inconsiderate (seeing how it’s her own journal… it’s not like she’s forcing an opinion on you) and dumb.


Julia Allison now has two blogs that criticize her.
Juckfulia and baugher.
It’s really lame and clearly these people have far too much time on their hands. — mreeco