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Bill Maher’s Huge Mistake

January 26th, 2008 No Comments


Only a day after I pay Bill Maher a compliment and I see him in this atrocious t shirt! Could be the same youthful stylist that put him in the skinny tie, but this shirt was a huge mistake.

First of all, you have to be very careful with printed t’s these days.  For the most part, they have too much going on, and are out of style.  Sleek and sophisticated is in, ripped and rugged out!  You can also go hipster, but I assure you any hipster would laugh at this t.  Second, you have gray hair, and are over 40.  I’m sorry, but unless your name is Trevor, you’re not rockin anything close to this shirt.  Let’s maintain our  dignity by acknowledging our age.  I’ve seen BM in his street clothes when he does the “man on the street” segments, he looks fine, not stylish, but normal.

Someone please get this man back in his suit! (and that goes for all of you “mature” men out there.  I put the quotations not in reference to your age, but just to allude to the humor where we assume that any man ever fully matures.)