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My Head to Toe: Date Night

January 27th, 2008 No Comments


Now that I know I need to take outfit pics, you’ll have more of my choices to actually see.

So, it’s my first date since breaking up with my bf….kinda weird, but we all need to move on right?

As stated in my previous “What to Wear on a Date” post, no jeans, simple silhouette, not too revealing.  Here’s what I put together:

  • Vintage Missoni skirt worn as dress.  My mom bought me this skirt at a thrift store for $12! The store had no idea they had a treasure.  I got bored wearing it as a skirt, and by adding a belt, I have made something completely new!
  • Grey tights (for depth with black shoes)
  • Paola black patent wedges
  • Fall 07 Moe CLICK bag “Toni”
  • Tiffany watch, ring by Pitango, diamond solitaire necklace, ivory earrings

I know what you’re thinking, does she own anything that isn’t Missoni?!  I do, and I promise you’ll see it all soon.  Just been feelin’ the Missoni these days.