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A Little Elaboration: Shoe Stretching

January 29th, 2008 No Comments

Wow, you guys have been missing out on the shoe front, shoe stretching is the best! 

As I have been living with large feet for about 15 years now, I have to get my shoes stretched.  Designer shoes only sometimes go up to a 41; however, they still are a little small sometimes, especially closed toe and heel styles.  (I’m a huge fan of the sandal and sling back :)

For those of you who have normal sized feet, sometimes your size is sold out.  Actually mine usually is too as stores only carry 1 or 2 pairs of size 10.

This is where your local cobbler comes in.  Pretty much any place that repairs shoes can stretch them, and unlike the shoes, it’s not a costly procedure ($10-$15).  Of course some places are better than others, but getting shoes stretched isn’t that difficult so you should be ok wherever you take them.

(Funny anecdote: when I was younger and living at home, I would have my mom wear my shoes to stretch them.  We wear the same size but she has a wider foot.  Poor momma, trying to relax in the house with pumps shoved on her feet.  See how selfless she is!)