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My Head to Toe: Funky Underneath

January 30th, 2008 No Comments

Underneath the Mackage, I was feeling funky so threw this together to attend the event.  Details:

  1. Dress was stolen from Julia Allison last fashion week when I was at her house and needed a new outfit (you can’t show up for day shows and night shows in the same ensemble).  It’s from H&M, fab find on her part.
  2. Leggings from Nation Jean, no name silly brand, but great!
  3. Obviously my Charlotte Russe cami.
  4. And, I’m actually wearing a bra! Which I never do, but thought it made the shape of the dress look better.  It’s by Cosabella and really does wonders.  Purchased at Bloomingdale’s on 59th, they have a HUGE selection.
  5. Croc belt by Hollywould.
  6. Silver shoes w/python trim by Marc Jacobs, size 41, not stretched :)
  7. Jewelry: my classics = white gold and diamond X earrings, yellow gold diamond solitaire, Tiffany watch, 2 David Yurman bracelets, citrine and silver ring by Pitango.
  8. The jewelry addition is this fabulous and oh so heavy sterling necklace made by Jane Mason (who is my Dad’s first wife).  It’s actually very long, but I’ve tied it up.  www.JaneMason.com
  9. Same makeup from date night with my favorite Chanel Allure “Attitude” lipstick and Revlon “Shine City” gloss.

The great thing about this outfit is that it is sophisticated (as to be appropriate for the event), but has a funky flare, which is the mood I was in tonight.  Overall classic with an little edge.

Also notice that if I substituted different accessories, I could create a whole new look.  Not to mention the fact that all of the pieces are so versatile and could be paired with many other things. Especially when shopping on a budget, make sure that the pieces you buy serve many functions.  The dress obviously could be matronly if I wanted it to be and worn to the office; however, I’ve made it a jacket here.  So many options!!! Explore, let your imagination run wild :)