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My Head to Toe: Dinner in NYC

January 31st, 2008 No Comments

Tonight I’m off to Asiate, the new Japanese French restaurant on the top of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Columbus Circle.  Supposed to be amazing, the whole room is windows.

The main pieces in my outfit tonight are from my mom’s store, Encore!, a designer resale store.  She only takes lightly worn (or most of the time, never worn at all) designer clothes from the past two years! Can I tell you how much fun the price tag is :)  www.EncoreHouston.comAnd if you wear size 5-6 shoe, you’re the fortunate one, she has the most amazing collection of Manolos and Choos.  I can put the pair on one of my feet, it’s so sad.

So my outfit tonight is all white, but ahhhh, WINTER white….and it’s really only winter white because I’m wearing fur.  Otherwise it would be a big No No.

  1. Slacks by Parameter from Encore! – $85
  2. T shirt by C&C, so soft, with a scoop neck and long flared sleeves.  So it has a little character. And you know I have my Charlotte Russe tank underneath :)
  3. Fur (not really sure what it is, not rabbit or mink…but no faux, hmmm) vest is Oscar De La Renta.  This picture does not do it’s beauty justice. -$600 (you can only imagine what it originally cost!)
  4. Shoes are the same ones I wore last night by Marc Jacobs, you can’t see them, but they add the glam to the outfit.
  5. Second glam item is 14k onyx, diamond, and aquamarine ring by Pitango. This guy is a genius, so original AND wearable.  He’s in Brazil, but when he returns, we’re taking a field trip to soho.
  6. Ali CLICK bag, obviously not leaving home without it.

Notice how neutrals make as much of a statement as bold colors.  Especially when everyone else is bundled in black.  Lipstick is actually nude, but doesn’t look like it here.  This look is really feminine and simple, but also interesting because of the vest, shoes, and ring.

Now for my honest moment, I’m feeling ridiculously bloated, so I’m hiding under the vest….but no one can tell :)