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It’s all in the Name

January 31st, 2008 No Comments

Julia emailed me a baby naming website as I’m trying to find a name for my possibly new dog.

We all know that there are trends in names, but I think people have just taken it too far.  I don’t care who the current celeb is or political favorite, I have to live with that name (and make cute nicknames from it) for the rest of my life.  And, I would never pre-judge someone for their name. If this interests you at all, here is the site: http://thebabynamewizard.ivillage.com/parenting/

As a teaser, name of the year for 2007, which means, name that people “liked” most in 2007….are you ready for this……BARACK. Let me be clear, I don’t share my political views with anyone.  As a man, I think he is beyond respectable, but that doesn’t mean I “like” his name, especially not enough to vote for it on a website. (Not going to mention his middle name!)