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Meghan and Mason at Bryant Park

February 8th, 2008 No Comments


Meghan and Mason.  (She’s taking care of him until Mary gets better)

PS. I texted Megs from the towncar on my way from Montel to the Bryant Park tents, giving her TEN minutes to get ready.  She is ONLY wearing red lipstick here, nothing else – it’s amazing how good she looks sans any makeup.  I could never, ever get away with that.

(me neither! and you all know that now :)

First and foremost, Julia and Meghan are the best friends a girl could ask for.  They took the best care of me in Columbus, never leaving my side, and actually petted me simultaneously (keep it clean guys) while I was crying from pain (see not so hot anymore).

And then Meghan graciously picked up Mason from Julia’s as I was being whisked away to the hospital when the plane landed.  (Mason LOVES Meghan…definitely wants some action there.)

Now, Mommy is sick in bed, and Mason is working the front row for Mommy, is that not too cute.  I will give you his feedback tomorrow.  The dog has good taste, what can I say.

(The drugs are not working anymore…I need sleep!! Up at 4:45am to catch the train back to the city tomorrow, HUGE meeting in the morning, keep your fingers crossed…that is that the drugs kick in, throat is throbbing! I know I will rock the meeting, sick or not :)