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Not a Status Symbol Bag

February 10th, 2008 No Comments

“Mary – I was wondering if you could address bags – Lord, help me I am in Coach and Louis Vuitton hell here. Oh, pause – let us not forget Dooney Burke. I live in Charleston WV and it seems that every woman thinks that having one is a status symbol. I see ladies walking around horribly dressed but with a Coach bag on their arm! I’m thinking – please take your money and spread it around so your whole ensemble benefits.” — Reader Stacy

Stacy I feel your pain, Coach and DB make me pretty nauseous.  As for LV, I own several, but not of the “classic” bags that don’t make sense.  I use LV because it’s SO durable and goes with everything.  As hard as I am on my bags, and as much as I schlep around NYC, I need a bag that can withstand that torture. 

But as for your dilemma, unfortunately there’s not much that can be done.  I know they come off high and mighty with their Coach and DB bags, but that is how the women in your community have been socialized.  And they don’t know any better.  The only thing I can suggest to you, is that YOU continue to wear what is stylish.  Not that I am saying you would give in to fit in, but just let them be, and you go out and buy some fabulous Kooba, Gusto, Furla, or L.A.M.B bag, you know something edgy but not too expensive.  Maybe the others will notice, maybe they won’t, but you’re just going to have to take a breath and let them live in their own little label box.