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February 11th, 2008 No Comments


Due to popular demand, I will offer at least one male style tip everyday in hope to get you guys on track.

I know this seems silly but your hands say a lot about you (this goes for men and women). No one expects you to have perfect hands, but we do expect presenatable hands.  Business men understand this so they get manicures and wear nice watches.  But we all are in some kind of business, not to mention we are all in the business of attracting a mate, and please trust me when I tell you, hands make the difference.  As a woman, I look at a man’s hands and think:

  1. Nice/Dirty hands: I don’t want to see dry cuticles and bitten uneven nails
  2. Serious/I don’t care Watch: If you have on a nice watch I know it means either you’ve established yourself, or you’re ambitious and want to.
  3. Soft/Dry hands: Soft hands means he might be a little metro, but I don’t want to hold a dry hand so I appreciate it

Moral of that list: get a manicure.  They are cheap, easy, once a month, no one has to know, but it will keep everything tidy.

Going back to the watch.  I was out with a friend the other day (late 30’s), he was wearing a polo and jeans with this watch.  My eye instantly caught the watch as it was just shining from his wrist. Granted it costs a pretty penny, and I’m not saying you have to break the bank, but I am saying let’s throw down a little more than you would for Kenneth Cole to make a statement.  This Cartier watch is classic, detailed, sophisticated, and says, “I know what I’m doing in style and in life.” Kenneth Cole says: “I’m still figuring stuff out, this watch looks nice, and besides I can’t afford anything else.” Not a good message.  Let me tell you this much, I can’t afford the shoes I buy, but they make a statement about me and people recognize the statement of style and status I am making.  Put the watch on the credit card!

Remember, you are constantly selling yourself, presentation is everything. You wouldn’t buy a cheap suit and expect to land a million dollar deal.  However, I will tell you where you can skimp, there are things you don’t have to spend a lot on.  A watch and sunglasses are not the places to go cheap.

Other favorite watch brands:

  1. Hublot
  2. Breitling
  3. IWC
  4. Patek Philippe