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People’s February Style Watch

February 11th, 2008 No Comments


In People’s February Style Watch issue, they feed the latest and greatest trends to anyone who’s willing.  So much of it is regurgitated from season to season (leopard print, metallics), I found nothing “new” or trend-worthy.  Get this, they even quoted a “trendologist” (that’s not even a word) to report what’s “in” and “out” with FOOD.  Pork is in!  What publicist pitched that to death?  Floral flavors are in!  Moroccan cuisine is in!  Gimme a break.  Fashion = style (which) = trends. But, PORK!  I recognize this is the industry I’ve made my career in.  But, some go too far and take it too seriously.  In my opinion, people who don’t follow trends and dress out of style, are far more intriguing.  That makes me a hypocrite, I’m sure.

Miss Meyer is actually one of my best girlfriends that I went to USC with.  She’s started her own blog about marketing and branding.  Recently, she quit her job at Details Magazine to begin her own freelance event planning company (and run off to Hawaii during the NY cold months….biatch…although I think she learned this from me :)

Anyway, I would have to agree with her here.  Magazines like People and Life and Style don’t ever make a statement about style, they just say that whatever celebs are wearing are trends, which for the most part is true.  But in terms of style, they have none of their own, nothing new to actually say.

But as for people who don’t follow trends, their tragic outfits are definitely interesting to look at, but I would suggest they at least pick up a People to get a hint of what’s going on.