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What NOT to Buy for Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2008 No Comments

So it seems that everyone is completely clueless about what to buy for Valentine’s day, and that I should be the answer to all of your prayers.  Unfortunately I don’t have much to say, but fortunately for me, I don’t have to buy a Valentine’s day gift!

So here is WHAT NOT TO BUY. f I can’t suggest the perfect thing, at least I can tell you what to stay away from (please note, this list is unisex):

  1. Roses, if you’re going to buy flowers, buy her/his favorites
  2. Chocolates, you know there will be plenty of junk food to go around without you buying more
  3. Teddy bears.  No explanation needed I hope
  4. Anything from Tiffany that doesn’t have diamonds on it.  Tiffany is like the Coach of jewelry = Not very cute and way overdone. If you already own it, put it away for 20 years until it comes back around.  And by no means buy more. (Crystal piececs are acceptable from Tiffany).
  5. Cuff links, ties, sweaters, and scarves.  So not thoughtful.
  6. Gift certificates, another not thoughtful gift, making it unacceptable
  7. Going to the same restaurant you frequent on a regular basis
  8. Spa day
  9. Lingerie, if we want to wear it, we’ll buy it.

Now you know what to stay away from, let me suggest that for the gift you do buy, you use that big thing called a brain inside your head, to interpret the words that are coming out of his/her mouth.  When she says “Wow, that bag is amazing.” or “I’ve always wanted to do that.” these are blatant clues that this is what is wanted on Valentine’s. Even if it’s small, it shows that you listened (which is what we want most of the time anyway).

Another option is to do something unexpected.  Show up at their work with lunch, make a candlelit dinner at home, buy the thing you said you weren’t going to.  You see where I’m going with this.

If you’re still confused, here are a couple of things I came up with:

  1. Jewelry with some character www.fragments.com
  2. Cell phone
  3. Anything Apple (which can be personalized if you buy online)
  4. A leather travel frame with pics of the two of you that goes in a briefcase or suitcase
  5. Weekend getaway (for the future) print out brochures and maybe stuff that you would find there (wine, etc) and wrap it all up so they have something to open
  6. Gym membership, can get pricey, but if they are me, they really want one to Equinox
  7. Lessons in something they want to learn (tennis, pool, Spanish)
  8. Really soft sheets, wash them a couple times first so they are ready to go
  9. Shoes and purses, you really can’t go wrong here, just make sure they are exchangeable.

Most importantly, take the time to write out a card.  Doesn’t have to be cheesy, I actually like the funny ones, but make sure it includes a message from the heart so that your person knows how much they mean to you.

Oh, and finally, mind blowing sex. That’s always nice too :)

Good luck! Have fun.