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February 12th, 2008 No Comments


Done :)

First of all let me say that I am anti black bags.  I think that if you are wearing a black bag, you are more than likely wearing black clothes, and all that black is not good for the soul.  Lucky for us, mixing black and brown, black and camel, black and blue/navy, is in right now, so if you’re looking for a conservative colored bag to go with everything, you don’t have to choose black! Yeah!!!

However, there is some bad news on the bag front.  Most bags aren’t made to hold up longer than 6 months these days; even the expensive designer brands have started to dilute their quality so you’ll come back and buy a new one next season.  The retail salespeople, the good ones anyway, will be the first to tell you this fun fact. Bags like LV, Chanel, and classic Gucci you can always rely on for durability and style, but you can’t always pay for (that is if you plan on eating for the next couple of months).  So for $400, we have to be pretty selective on quality. Sad but true.  The good $400 range bags, like Kooba, have since upped their cost to maintain quality (as the price of leather has skyrocketed).

But we do have options! A reader wrote this request and here were my suggestions:

  1. Ebay, you can always find good stuff if you are willing to hunt a little
  2. Lohemann’s. Same thing, you just have to get lucky with what’s in stock. I wouldn’t buy Loehmann’s online
  3. Bluefly.com.  I found Stuart Weitzman on sale  (I prefer the taupe color because it will go with all of the bold colors for spring, darker colors for fall, and it’s not black!).  Rebecca Minkoff but I think this one is more fun The bag shown above from Searle is great! It’s by Beirn for $328 and comes in Black, Dark Green, Navy, and Pink. Plus, exotic skins are very in style right now. Click to see more.
  4. Andrea Brueckner has a good simple Market Tote.  I also like the the Tierney tote for something more sporty. (thanks to PurseBlog for this referral)
  5. MichaelKors offers something for every price range. Just stay away with anything with a huge MK on it.

I think that should get you started.