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Gazongas or Goose?

February 12th, 2008 No Comments


According to the manufacturer:

This comfortable sports-style bra contains a special hooter-enhancing polyurethane bladder that can be filled with your drink of choice. Simply slip it on, fill up with wine or whatever and wear it under your regular clothes. You can then indulge in a spot of stealth drinking via the Wine Rack’s adjustable drinking tube. With a rack like this, girls’ nights out will never be the same again. As for boys’ nights out, well, the mind boggles.  Just think, secretly guzzling from your gazongas means no more waiting in line and paying for overpriced drinks at festivals, gigs and games. The savings from just one event will pay for your Wine Rack and still leave you with enough change to buy some pretzels – not that you’ll be buying anything for yourself with a chest this impressive.

Is that how you spell gazongas?  Click on the pic if you’d like a booze bra of your very own.

This is hysterical!!! Ever since college football stadiums have started banning alcohol, my friends (and yes I) have been hiding floppy flasks and trying to sneak water bottles of vodka into the stadium.  On a hot day watching football, all I really want is a turkey sausage hot dog and a beer while I root on my USC Trojans.  But, for the past few games a vodka lemonade hasn’t been so bad.

Anyway, new way to sneak it in (but I wouldn’t suggest wine in there…hot wine, yuck!)  And let’s not take it to the bar.  Buy a drink and I’m sure you’ll find a fella to pick up the next one.