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MEN’S STYLE TIP OF THE DAY: Choosing a shirt that fits

February 12th, 2008 1 Comment

MEN’S STYLE TIP OF THE DAY: Choosing a shirt that fits

A lot of men that I have run across think that they always wear a Large, not because it fits, but how could a man be anything else but large.  With the emergence of the metro man who wants to wear nice clothes that fit, the rest of the male population is beginning to take notice.

But how do you know if a you’re a Medium, or even a small?? Here are a few tips for button down shirts:

  1. Get your neck and arms measured so when you’re buying shirts for work, you’ll know the exact size you need. This will also help you pick between S/M/L.
  2. On the right shirt (button down, t-shirt, or polo).  The seam the connects the arm of the shirt to the body should rest right at the end of your shoulder, not sagging down your arm.
  3. There should be enough fabric in the body of the shirt for you to move, but not for you to swim in there.  Make sure you can’t grab a lot of fabric around your sides. You want it to be as flush to your body as possible.
  4. The arm should stop in between the crux of your hand and wrist.
  5. If you are going to leave the shirt untucked, then the bottom should fall to the tops of your thumbs.  For a tshirt, it should be shorter.

Fashion tips:

  1. Crisp is in so make sure your button-downs are ironed.
  2. Colors are huge for spring and make a statement with you even having to try.  Try pink, sea foam green, baby blue, pale yellow, kelly green, royal blue.
  3. French cuffed shirts always take the look to the next level if you want to add a little flare.
  4. Unbutton two buttons to show you’re comfortable and relaxed.
  5. Button down collars should really only be worn daytime, and NEVER with suits.

Places to shop for a shirt that comes with a little style: John Varvatos, shopjake (I loved everything I saw on this site), barneys (they are having a great sale online), Club Monaco.

For the best quality, fit, and design, my favorite Men’s button down shirt will always be Dolce and Gabanna.  I know what you’re thinking, damn that’s not cheap, and I realize it’s not, but it’s made so impeccably well and fits like a glove. Starts at $295.  Just an FYI

  • Nice work to all fashion maniacs allover the world, god bless :)