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The Beauty of American Apparel

February 12th, 2008 No Comments

The Beauty of American Apparel

Boys and girls both need the American Apparel deep v neck T shirt. Men can pull it off with a casual night look as well as daytime.  Ladies just stick to day,

There is something about that V that just looks hot on everyone! For $18 you should try a plain white one.  You’ll fall in love and be back for more color (pink, yellow, and sea foam are my favs right now for both sexes.  I love a man in bright colors).

Of course the store has many other great cotton items at reasonable prices.  You can take one of their bold colored cotton dresses and accessorize the hell out of it for a great, easy outfit.  They have these long tube dresses that show off a figure, as well as mini dresses to hide what you want, and show off your legs. 

You won’t be able to leave with just one thing because everything in there goes with 8 things you already have in your closet. 

Go and explore!

For some of us, we have been blessed with our AP t’s for a while, but for those of you who don’t live in a major metro area, I thought I should share our secret.