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Valentine’s Day Dress Code

February 12th, 2008 No Comments

Ok, women, I have not forgotten about you and the fact that Valentine’s day is on the horizon.  If I were getting dressed for a the big night out, here’s what I would do:

  1. Assess the situation: where are you going, where do you think you’re going? And what do you expect the attire to be.  Remember it’s a big night, so being a little overdressed is appropriate, when do we get to go all out?? Not as often as I would like :)
  2. What do you already have in the closet?  Can we rearrange a couple outfits and make something that’s old look new and fabulous?  Add a new accessory and change the look?  A dressier shoe could change the look as well.
  3. If we need to shop, what is our max budget? And are we creating a whole new outfit, or looking for something to go with a piece we already have.  When shopping, it’s important to have a strategy.  Maybe you only need a new accessory to make the dress over.
  4. NO JEANS!!!! My ex loves me in jeans, but it’s Vday, wear something feminine and pretty.
  5. I think dresses are the best way to go, old or new.  If you are buying a new one, get one that’s versatile that you will be able to get a lot of use of this summer.
  6. Hair and makeup a must, put in some effort here, he WILL notice.

I love this dress Jennifer Connelly is in.  It’s soft and sexy, shows off her body without being skin tight.  Also note, that just by changing the belt you could make a completely different look.  Black is chic and sophisticated, a bold color would make it more whimsical, and beaded would dress it up further.

Summertime you could wear this dress with flats during the daytime.  So this would be a great purchase that you could wear through the warm months.  On chillier nights, add a short fitted blazer or cashmere cardigan to keep warm.

Jewelry is also completely optional here. You can go simple or chunky and funky.

Perfect example of how you can take one simple piece and make it into at least 10 different ensembles.