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Tom Ford: Beauty in Purest Form

February 13th, 2008 No Comments

I’m leaving you with beauty in its purist form before I go to bed: TOM FORD

Was there ever a more fabulous, beautiful, stylish man?? And he understands the female form so intricately that he can produce the most beautiful clothes. 

I’m not sure what we did to upset him, but now he’s on to menswear.  So boys, I guess since it is you he has really always loved, you now get to enjoy the luxury, the classic style, and exquisite quality of the Tom Ford Label.

(He does have one flaw, he KNOWS how wonderful he is!  And wears his ego across his exposed hairy chest….but what a beautiful hairy chest it is :)

If you are ever in doubt of what to wear, and need that “staple” white button down, black or grey trouser, cashmere sweater, blazer that goes with everything, and are willing to throw a little cash at it, TOM FORD is your store. 845 Madison Ave NY 10021