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Jackets for Spring

February 13th, 2008 No Comments


(see reader I did not forget about you)

I’m not sure if growing up in hot and humid Texas has made a cold (as in temperature) person, but if I’m going to wear a jacket, it’s going to have sleeves.  Either it’s warm enough outside that I don’t need one (which I love), or it’s chilly enough that I would like the sleeves on my jacket to keep me warm.  If I don’t have a long sleeve, then I’m still going to be cold and have to wear another jacket.  No thank you.  So if you’re into the short sleeved jacket, go for it, they are cute and in style, but all of my picks will have sleeves.

I think the most versatile Spring jacket is the cropped trench.  I bought one like the one above from Zara for $150 in khaki and it went with everything. Buttoned, unbuttoned, half open, collar up, it looked casual, funky, or a little dressed up – it always worked.

As for other options, I like a tailored cropped blazer or bomber (depending on your style) in basic colors – black, white, creme, khaki, navy, grey, taupe – and then I add the color elsewhere.  Great jacket colors would be red or cobalt blue, and I would stray from yellow, pink, or kelly green.  The reason I say tailored is because most of the bubbly jackets make you look just like that – a bubble.  A shifty jacket works, but the bubble is harder to pull off in my opinion.

Here are few that I like:

  1. D&G white paint suit: tailored cropped blazer and box leg pants that look great together or separate. $585
  2. Anthropologie Painter’s Studio Jacket: a little boxy for me, but cute $218 (is it me of is Anthro getting a little pricey)
  3. Full length A line Trench by Filmore $245
  4. Kooba Motorcycle Jacket $495

I have to be honest, this is one you’re gonna have to shop around for. I didn’t find anything I LOVE online.  I would check out Zara, this is right up their alley.