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I LOVE This Perfume

February 14th, 2008 No Comments

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this perfume! I feel ridiculously sexy every time I put it on.  When I first smelled Versace “Crystal Noir” Eau de Toilette I thought, hmmm, this smells different….in a good way??…..YES IN A FABULOUS WAY!  This is my going out, wearing a hot outfit, and the spritz on my wrist is the icing on the cake (whether or not I’m the only one smelling it:)

However, this is really only a nighttime fragrance. I believe you need at least 3 scents: warm weather daytime, anytime, and nighttime. So here’s what I wear (per Claudine’s request):

  1. Jo Malone Honey Suckle & Jasmine, warm weather daytime scent, $50 for the small bottle.  I love this scent because it’s light, refreshing, and isn’t too girly. And I like how you can mix and match her scents to make your own. 
  2. Roberto Cavalli Serpentine Perfume, anytime but mostly colder days and not so dressy nights, on sale at Amazon.com for $30 off.  I like this scent because it’s sophisticated and not in your face but pleasant.
  3. And of course the Versace for feelin good! Also on sale at Amazon, click pic.

Other classics I still like:

  1. Michael Kors 
  2. Marc Jacobs Essence Eau de Parfum
  3. L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake
  4. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

I highly suggest staying away from anything Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, etc.  And I do suggest, if you’re into it, attempting to have your own made, that always looks like fun!

BTW, I HATE VANILLA!! Vanilla perfume, candles, body spray, not me.  Might be you, but like lavender, it’s such a tired fragrance. (although men seem to have some strange attachment to vanilla, possibly why I’m singe??)

These are just opinions, wear what you love, try what I like, OR discover something new.  I try not to get in a fragrance rut.

As far as relaxing scents for oils and lotions (in place of lavender) try Sage (so yummy) Eucalyptus, Rose, Jasmine, or Chamomile.