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Men’s Clean Looks for Spring

February 14th, 2008 No Comments


I love the hipster look, nothing against it, but I’m going to bet that the majority of my male readers need a lesson in cleaning up their look.  This does not mean deck yourself out in Ralph Lauren and be as preppy as possible.  The accessories I shoes I showed the other day will add a little edge, as well as your sunglasses.  The t’s and polos (colors, patterns, and designs) will also add character. If you changed the scarf or added a polo or button down, or pattern t, it changes the whole thing. 

This is just a clean look that you can’t go wrong with, a good place to start.  You really need a khaki and white blazer that you can throw on over anything, make an investment here so it doesn’t fall apart in one season, these will never go out.

Remember, the seem that connects the shoulder to sleep is at the end of your shoulder.  Your blazer should fit like a glove.