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Men’s Style Tip of the Day: Underwear

February 18th, 2008 No Comments


My personal favorites are boxer briefs.  Clean and without holes, which seems obvious, but you would be surprised.  I don’t really get how men can shove baggy boxers down their pants, but as long as they aren’t plaid or don’t have some silly designs on them, I’m ok with that.  Again, clean and holeless a must.

Socks should match and not have holes.  I love argyles socks or socks with a little personality (a color or interesting design).  Dress socks should be solid.

Undershirts are out.  I know, you don’t want to sweat through your shirt, but style-wise there is nothing worse than an undershirt showing through your white button-down or coming up from the unbuttoned top of the your shirt. So no tshirts or wifebeaters for now.

And since some of you are probably now thinking about your hairy chests (I am!), I say let it show as long as it’s not going to jump out and grab me.  Hairless chests are good, as long as they aren’t prickly, but I prefer au natural.  This does NOT hold true for your back.  Shave it, wax it, whatever you have to do, but no hairy backs please :)