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Style Suggestions for a LONG Day

February 18th, 2008 No Comments

A reader wrote in saying that she feels drab because she has to wake up at 3:15am (can you imagine!!) every morning and commute 2 hours to work (goodness gracious).  How can she be a little more put together and stylish for her long days?

Here are my suggestions (please note, my longest commute has been 45 minutes):

  1.  Put on makeup, make it a quick and easy routine. I always feel that when I take the time and I think I look good, then I am always more productive.  Even if it’s a dual foundation/powder, eye liner, eyebrows, mascara and blush, with a lip gloss, it just makes you FEEL better. Total time spent: 5 minutes
  2.  Do you hair at night, this obviously all depends on your hair, but if I have to get up early, I always shower at night and fluff it up in the morning,
  3.  Incorporate something fun into your outfit every day, whether it’s a colorful scarf, earrings, belt, shoes – something that really pops! It can take a button-down and pants to a whole new level.

Obviously if you’re taking the train instead of a car, you have more time for primping (although I would always use the train ride as extra sleep time :)

Don’t let the hours get you down. You are commuting for a reason: love of your job, your family, your salary.  Something makes you get up and commute, I just hope that you are passionate about it.