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February 20th, 2008 No Comments


I wish I had the easy answer for you Christina, that I could just give you a couple brands and they would instantly fit perfectly and make your a$$ look amazing.  But alas, I can’t :(

I can point you in the right direction.

Here are brands I like, or I’ve heard good reviews about:

  • J Brand – great fit, so many different styles, affordable
  • Paige – a favorite of most women
  • Seven – I find that they stretch out too quickly, but many people still wear them
  • Miss Sixty – for something fun
  • Miss Me – not usually in department stores, but a great jean for under $100, you really have to search.  I found a good pair here
  • Ernest Sewn – really well made, usually a with a higher waist
  • Hudson
  • AG – LOVE this brand, the denim is so soft

And you really just have to grab them all and try them on.  Once you find a pair you like, you can always search online to find a better deal, but that’s a lot of work!

When buying jeans:

  • Trendy cuts: Wide leg (not flared) or skinny leg, high-waisted or low rise
  • Classic: low rise, straight leg
  • No more embellishments, you just want a plain jean
  • No True Religion, SO OVER
  • No rips
  • Medium to dark denim color

Department stores always have the best selection. And of course, I love National Jean Company (Filmore wide leg jean $115 shown above)