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Fun Facts About Zara

February 20th, 2008 No Comments


In today’s Wall Street Journal, we learn some interesting info about Zara!!

  • Zara is owned by Inditex SA, which is second only to Gap in worldwide sales
  • Despite the fact that consumerism is dropping, Zara is expanding their operation by making their manufacturing, distribution, and in-store strategies more efficient
  • New collections are brought into the stores twice a week, and because there aren’t many of each item, it makes them seem “exclusive” unlike H&M that mass produces each item
  • Each collection often sells out
  • Zara is setting an industry standard for expansion and efficiency even with major labels (Gucci, LV, etc) that now ship in new designs quicker 
  • At the headquarters in Spain, sales of each piece are monitored, designers create new things according to the sales, and window displays are created on a mock storefront that is on a life-size street

For more details, click the pic to read the article.

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