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My Head to Toe: Snowy Day Out

February 22nd, 2008 No Comments

Had a big meeting today…downtown…with a “big shot.” But that’s all I can really say about that. (Things are starting to happen!!!)

I haven’t had an outfit to share for 2 weeks! Pneumonia kills lungs and style.

Here’s what I wore for the big, snowy day out.  I really thought I was going to miss the sludge because February is almost over, ugh. The snow ruined my hair.

  1. Pucci top, which adds character to this otherwise boring outfit
  2. Cashmere sweater wrap, Intuition store brand
  3. Theory “velvety” trousers
  4. Belt, from Encore! (my Mom’s store, which is also where the Pucci top is from)
  5. Guiseppe Zanotti booties (which were champions is the sludge)
  6. Sterling silver necklace, doubled from Jane Mason, and my diamond solitaire necklace

Sophisticated, but trendy and fun.